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Personally, transportation is my least favorite part of the game. It has to be good, otherwise it can spoil my mood the whole day, if not the whole stay, that is if I am in a different city from my home country or city.

Commuting within Dubai

Moving around a city like Dubai can be a beautiful experience, however, if you are having to go through many hassles in getting around, then you may need to start thinking fast to make your stay in the city almost hassle free, as much as you can.

As far as commuting within Dubai is concerned, you sure can get a close to totally hassle free means of moving around if you know how to look around.

Car Rental from Downtown Dubai

Avoiding the Hassles of Transportation in Dubai

What hassles could you possibly face in transportation in Dubai?

Generally, whether in a taxi, bus, or rented car, everyone is faced with the annoying delays of traffic. This is only sometimes be avoided by planning your movements around off-peak periods in the city. Even though sometimes Dubai has unexpected incidences of traffic from time to time.

However, the hassles of public transport like – making several stops, breaking the journey, spending extra on taxi rides when your bus does not go all the way to your destination, etc., are enough to make you want any other option that gives you less trouble and gives you more freedom and comfort. That is why people opt for renting cars. Even if it means looking for the cheapest car on the list that they would be able to afford within their minimal budget.

So, You Need to Rent a Car in Budget

Your holiday is short, there are so many things to be done, and your budget for transportation is low, but you just must rent a car because you are not ready to go through the hassles of public transportation.

As there is usually a way around many situations, there definitely is a way around this, and that is to – rent a cheap car. If you are able to plan your movement to fit into one week, it will also be advisable to rent a car for the week. This not only gives you a cheap car for the week, you get a discount for renting it for more days at a time, and so you end up  getting an even more reasonable deal.

Rental Cars in Dubai

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car

If you walked into the closest car rental company to you, you may or may not find a deal that may suit your budget. You are also not likely to find many car rental companies to compare rates. Then, you may end up having to make do with whatever you get.

If the car rental company is not in your area, and you have to take a bus ride or a taxi to the car rentals to make enquiries, then that certainly is not a cheap way to rent a car.

You may need to go there again to finalize your deal, and then pick up the car. In case you do not get what you want in that car rental, you would want to locate another car rental, and maybe another, until you find what you are looking for.

There are cheaper ways of renting a car or looking for a car to rent. The sure way to get many options all at once, without moving a muscle to go anywhere, and without spending anything on transportation, is searching online.

While there are some frauds online, there are some authentic websites that you can visit. Get valid information about car rental services. There are websites that have access to, and show its visitors a long list of car rentals and their offers. From this list, you can make a choice that best suits you.

On such websites, you should be able to sort for particular information by using their filters. If a website’s ‘price’ field has filters, then it may be easier to just click on it. Then, pick the cheapest item on the menu.

In addition, some websites already give great discounts on whatever pick you make. This makes them favourite with people who are working on a tight budget.

Rental Cars from Mall of Emirates

Find a Cheap Car Rental

You may want to check a few more car rental companies online. Compare their rates, and probably do a little more research on the company that you finally choose.

If it is online, you may even get to see reviews of people. These people are who have had direct or indirect experience of using them. These reviews and can help give you an idea of what to expect your experience to be with the company.

Now you have an idea about finding the cheapest way to rent a car. When you eventually are able to find the type of car that you want. And the price that best suits your budget, you are good to go with engaging that rental company.


Ironically, the cheapest method of renting a car just may give you the best options or offers. However, getting the cheapest offer there is sometimes comes with its quirks. In this case, inspect the car and point out any faults before taking it, to avoid disputes.

Make sure that the car has the basic features. This will help you while moving around, and perhaps out of the city. Do not negotiate with it having valid vehicle papers.

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