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Car Rental From Burj al Arab
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If your question is – “how much is it to rent a luxury car in Dubai”? It is very possible that you are thinking doing just that! And who says there is anything wrong with that?

If you can afford it, and you want to spoil yourself a little, and have those happy-feel-great moments during your stay in Dubai, there is only one thing to say to that, and that is – “knock yourself out”! Have the best times you can when you can, you only live once you know.

Dubai Car Rental

Spoil Yourself a Little in Dubai

So, go car rental shopping, and check through a variety of luxury cars and pick the one that catches your fancy, and start making your arrangements. I must say though,

if you happen to choose a car that is put at $2,000 per day, and you have only $1,500 left to spend on your stay in Dubai, do not push it just yet, go for another luxury car that you will love, and that is within your means.

Luxury Cars are Everywhere

Because people are looking for many ways to spoil themselves when they are on vacation, they come up with ‘living life’, even if it is for only one day.

And so you have many people that on holiday in Dubai having just a few hours of getting a feel of driving luxury cars around the amazing city of Dubai.

Hence it is easy for you to spot many luxury cars in Dubai, and if you are yet to indulge, you do not want to be left out.

Dubai Rent a Car

Work with your own budget

No one says to hire a luxury car for many hours or all day or a couple of days (if you are not ready to spend that much or car rentals).

Driving a luxury car everywhere you need to go (to the mall, the cinema, the beach, and everywhere else) for the day maybe a little too much for you in terms of cost, and you do not want to have to bite your fingers afterward. An hour or two really should do if you only want to have a feel of it.

Luxury Car Prices

Some luxury cars can be quite expensive within the range of thousands of dollars per day. While some can be more reasonable and in the hundreds of dollars per day, depending on their type really.

Some luxury cars are more high-end than others are, and therefore more expensive. Even at that, you are sure to find some car rentals that offer luxury cars at tens of dollars per a couple of hours.

For example, with some companies, you would get to rent a car for $80 and below.

If you want to be driving around in a flashy Benz, depending on the model, and the car rental’s cheap prices, it could somewhere between $200 and $700 for the whole day, and definitely less per hour.

An Audi Q8 would cost between $300 and $400.

For a Bentley, you should be thinking of spending somewhere between $300 and $800.

A Lamborghini should cost about $800 to $900 to rent for a whole day.

And a Ferrari goes for about $900 to $1,040 a day.

Car Rental in Dubai at cheapest price

Just have a Fun Time

If the daily rate is still too much for you, renting it for just an hour may be fair enough. The entire aim is to have a feel of it, have fun, take great pictures, and relive the moments with these great pictures even after your holiday.

Where to get good discounts

Depending on the company you go to, or the website you visit, you can actually get amazingly great deals on renting a car in Dubai. Some of them generally offer better deals than others, while some give great bonuses every now and then,

If you prefer to drive sports cars, you may need to pay a little extra depending on the car rentals’ price, the model of sports car.

The Age Fector

Being younger than a certain age can attract extra charges when it comes to renting luxury cars in Dubai. Dubai is a city that has some strict rules. One of it is that you need to be up to 25 years old to rent a luxury car. Although some car rental companies allow people younger than 25 years old to rent cars. They do so but for an extra charge of about $68.

Rent a Car in Dubai from Burj Khalifa


When renting a luxury car in Dubai, your identity and credit card will be verified. Your travel status in the city will also be asked during the rental; Hence, you may be required to send in scanned copies of your papers. You may also want to send your credit card to be sure that you are not a fraud.


Renting a luxury car in Dubai may be more expensive than renting the regular everyday car. They are affordable, though.

At fair prices, you can easily use luxury cars for your fancy outings. And not feel like you downgraded to using regular cars, outside your home city/ country.

On the other hand, with less than $100, you can have a go at driving. Probably one of your favorite luxury cars, for at least one hour.

Have that dream struck off your checklist of things that you dreamed of doing for so long. Dreams do not come to true every day, so make this dream come true for you this time.

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